I was initially attracted to the world of journalism and photography because it felt real in a world that can at times feel ruled by money.

It felt unbiased with no agenda. It felt like a subject to study in university and a profession to have that was pure and full of compassion. To observe humanity, gather the facts, and share that with the world. It didn’t feel fueled by making more and giving less. It felt so far from the business world, I thought.

Naive… I didn’t see that starting my own photography business would put me RIGHT in world of it. I am now more part of it than ever before.

Though I see that business can also be real with no agenda, just to observe, gather what the needs are and solve them. Business can be done in a pure sense and can be done in a really lovely way.

And this is how the world moves so at least I get to be my own boss.


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