In a Creative World…

In a creative world we will have the confidence and the platform to share our stories filled with our lights and well as our shadows. We will share things that we feel that at times are kept quieted in society. We will have the ability to share and thus connect on a level thats much more than the surface where we have been conditioned to communicate on.

I am a journalist, documentarian, social media and brand photographer. I am trying to help passionate people be able to do more of what they love and let me do more of what I love.

We are all genius — I want to allow other people to live in their genius and in turn let me live in mine. I believe that once we identify our genius we need to focus all of our time, energy, money, and connections on driving that forward. I have seen my work in photography improve insane amounts when I chose this and said no to the corporate job. Once we chose to make our passion our main meal instead of just something we ‘do on the side’ we feel a crazy amount of fullness than ever before.

I refuse to be put down and have my passions quieted because there is no ‘space’ for that in the corporate job. I chose me, this, the universe, and I chose you exactly where you are at.

In a creative world, we will feel like it is too damn good to be true.

Why do we move through the world with this idea that our work should be hard, that our jobs should be stressful? This is crazy! And this is the way until it isn’t the way. We can change this and in a creative world we do. In a creative world we will be allowed to gift the world what we are meant to be doing. In a creative world we will understand that intuition is more powerful than ego and that this is the true driving force.

2 thoughts on “In a Creative World…

  1. I wanna hear more! I wanna hear about how the darkness brings us to light…ignorance eventually leads to the light.

    Thanks for sharing, keep writing love. Brave one.

    You are whole, perfect and complete.

    Loving you xx

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