Two Things Good Photographers Have

What sets good photographers apart from others?

Is it education?

Is it equipment?

Is it your network and opportunity?

Is it being at the right place at the right time?

Is it your willingness to go where others won’t?

Is it your eye?

Is it your creativity?

Is it your interpersonal skills?

Is it your experience?

Is it your confidence?

Is it your self-worth and self-love?

I believe above all of these… a good photographers has at least two…

When people ask me what education I have as a photographer, my answer is that I have no formal education- though I have over 10 years of experience and experience is the best form of education.

When I was starting out in my business last year I had many points where I thought that I should sign up for an online course or go back to school for this. Why? I thought that this would make me more legit. More credible. Better. Worth it. Worthy. The reality is that why waste time and money on that when…

I am doing it, I am living it, and I am good at it. 

Education is not always the answer and absolutely sometimes it is. Just don’t let it stop you from actually doing what it is that you want to be doing.

I see some of my dear friends and people in my network who keep pushing what it is that they are really good at and are being called to do… pushing it off and getting degree after degree or certificate or certain certifications, etc. to finally feel ‘worth it’.

Girl, you are worth it! And you’re ready to get after it. 

The other quality I believe that good photographers have is interpersonal skills. How we connect with our people. How we interact, make feel comfortable, laugh, share stories, etc.

To really see people… 

I’d be interested in what you think makes a good photographer…


2 thoughts on “Two Things Good Photographers Have

  1. i stumbled into your social media world a couple of months back and have to say, you amaze me. I believe that you would succeed in any market. I assisted and shot for ten years with some of the best photos in NYC and you possess the same energy as them. This assessment is purely based only on what I see, but in my experiences in life, it is very clear to me when I see greatness and you have it in spades. Self-love appears to be your greatest strength, and when you have that, nothing will stop you. Cheers. You have brought a lot of inspiration into my life and I see that in everything you share.

    1. Hey Dave!

      Thank you so deeply for taking the time to follow along and support me in this. I absolutely love what I do and there was actually no other option for me. This is what I am meant to be doing. I need to be and am so thankful I have folks who share with me that this isn’t crazy. That they see I can do this. Let me know how I can support you.



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