Being Human is Hard (Especially When You’re in College)

I went back to UNH last evening to share with the students about my experiences at university and what I have been up to post grad. I had technical difficulties so I ditched the slides and just shared. We were over capacity and it was really a beautiful experience.
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The students asked questions from how I have built a business, to how I met my partner, to how I was able to change the trajectory of what my life could have been to what it is now. Really thoughtful questions which speaks so loudly to the type of generation that is going to be graduating from this school and serving themselves and the world.
I shared with them that my experience at university was challenging. That I had many low moments, that my GPA was absolutely not great, that I struggled to balance my creativity while meeting requirements as well as a slew of personal growth as we all experience during this time. I struggled with how to go from a super small art and technology based high school to a more traditional way of being taught and showing what I have learned. I shared a memory of being on my RA’s floor freshmen year crying, feeling so lonely surrounded by thousands of people.
I shared that they all are genius at something, it’s about finding what this is if they haven’t already.
I shared with them that I value experiences over education, which may have been taboo to say in academia.
I shared with them that being human can be hard. And that especially been a human as well as a student at university can feel really hard.
The ‘advice’ I left was that self-care is so damn important as well as compassion for ourselves.
It was so lovely to be back and so lovely to be back in a very different way. That the student then is far from this woman now. I hope I have left them with feeling that it is all going to be okay and that it is already all okay.

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