How One Photo Shifted my Mindset.

Photos are powerful. I say this often to my clients and help them to understand how damn powerful this tool is. Not only is it powerful in terms of business but also in terms of self-worth. Stay with me here.

As many adolencent girls I was not feeling like the girls on the cover and in the magazines I saw. I didn’t feel enough. I remember the exact moment… so vividly when that mindset shifted, just a little at least. This moment coincides with when I knew this camera thing was important to me.
I was laying on the warm wood floor at my grandmother’s lake cabin in Barrington and I turned the camera around so it would take a photo of me. A selfie before that was a thing.
When I turned the camera around I saw someone in the playback screen that was less far away from the other girls I saw in the magazine. This micro moment is a massive contribution to my mindset and shift in self-worth. That’s powerful.
It kind of felt like this proof I had. That I could also use this tool as proof for other people too. I challenge you. You don’t think you’re attractive, you don’t think you’re worthy, you don’t think you can look good in photos? Let me prove you wrong.
I have many reasons why I love the work I do. This is just one I wanted to share with you. So still to this day when I am feeling low, not enough, sometimes having a micro moment to help shift that mindset back to at least neutral is gold.
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