We Need Photography for Literally Everything.

Over Mother’s Day I went to Maryland to visit my mom and her partner, Jeff. On one of the hot days we sat on the deck and my mom filled up the mini pool so I could splash around.

Jeff joined me and wanted to know more about the type of photography I do. I shared with him that I am predominantly a business brand photographer and explained what that really means. Why photography is vital for business with sustaining and growing their success. I also shared about the other types of photography I do which expand far beyond the branding world.

Jeff said, “We literally need photography for everything.” He’s so right.

I want my mom and the people in my life to be proud of me and understand the work I do and why I do it. This was such a reassuring conversation to have. That he sees the value in the work I do and sees it not only centric to me but on a global scale.

We need photography for literally everything. We need it for documentation, events, advertising, marketing, educating, fundraising, branding, journalism, writing, social media, communication, creating legacy, storytelling, and most importantly it has the ability to create emotion and create change. We need the work I do and I am ready to rock it all.

Photo by Miles C. Woodworth of Seacoast Flash.

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