Why I’m Moving into Minimalism

I have always found pleasure in a minamalist lifestyle. When I was young we moved around a lot so it was important that I didn’t have a lot and that the things I did have really meant a lot to me. I remember the day I found out we were moving from England to the States when I was eight. My mom came into my room and handed me a book box. She said that all of my toys needed to fit inside this box. Thus came the process of really looking at each toy, book, letter, etc. and placing value on it.
It was things like this and just watching how my mother cleaned our home and never had anything extra. Maybe it was because we didn’t have the ability to have extra but either way this ingrained in me something. It showed me that to be whole we don’t need extra. We lived in a small condo when we moved to the States. It was technically a one bedroom and there was four of us. But we made it work and perhaps it caused us to spend a little more time together than apart.
Simple, basic, clean, we don’t need anything extra to exist and actually when we don’t have extra it is all much easier. There was less for my mom to clean and I see the value in this now for me. I live in a lovely apartment that is just right, it could actually be smaller but thankful for the space too.
This idea that less truly brings more joy after basic needs are met. I so believe this.
I am in love with this concept and it is an every moment practice. I check in when I am craving something and ask what the benefit is. So for example I bought an Apple Watch a while back- some may think well that’s a little above basic need but for me and my craft this was important and I also place value on quality. This watch will last me a long time and does a whole lot in one simple accessory. Same with my clothes. I try to buy things that I know are made well and will last a hella long time so I don’t need to buy more for a long, long time.
I believe in this with my work and equipment in photography. I don’t have multiple cameras or fancy accessories. I have just enough and it’s actually great in the since of pushing my talent with what I have to the furthest limits. Only when I can’t capture the image I know I can take then do I upgrade.
This year I have chosen to move my wardrobe to match the type of lifestyle I love. I have donated many items and have been drawn to wear more black. This color also happens to be the ‘unofficial uniform’ as a photographer so perfect!
When we have less we can focus on being more.

2 thoughts on “Why I’m Moving into Minimalism

  1. Love it Raya! I struggle with the opposite– being attracted to the thing– and I appreciate the reminder of the little things, it’s something I continually work on. Miss you! Xo

  2. Very nice blog today. I like your ideas, as I believe we have had discussions about this concept in the past. More doesn’t mean better. I think that being truly satisfied with less means happiness, content, fulfilment from the inside first. Your purchases of your watch and quality clothing are that of value, a trait that I highly regard in people. A person can be very careful and not over indulge but purchase something very expensive, but we must ask ourselves what the long term value is in our purchase?

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