You Have a Specific Spot

I believe that we all have a specific spot within the ‘work ecosystem’. That our passion and interest can be our work and our ecosystem works more efficiently when we say yes to that spot.
Why would I try to be an accountant when I don’t enjoy that work and am not inherently good at it. And it’s great that I’m not because this allows for someone else who is damn good at that type of work and enjoys it to have that spot.
When we say yes to the work we love and are genius at – our ecosystem flows unbelievably fast, fluid, fierce, and an insane about of incredible collaborative work happens.
Since I said yes to myself as a photographer I have seen this truth get stronger and stronger. I get to work intimately with folks who are doing just that. Folks that have identified their genius and won’t accept a way of life that doesn’t make that their focus.
How can I help you and in turn help this entire ecosystem run a whole lot better?

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