Outfit Advice for a Brand Photoshoot

Choose Neutral + Monochromatic

Neutrals look good in every setting + keep the focus on you. Dark colors tend to be most flattering. try black, navy blue, dark gray. It helps create a timeless look that is pulled together + will keep your photos evergreen.


Muted + Logoless

Muted colors + solids without logos / words keep the focus on you. When choosing patters go for smaller ones that won’t pull the attention away.


Texture + Pop of color

Texture is great – lace, corduroy, denim, + knits. A┬áblazer or suit coat is a great way to tie a look together. Add a pop of color- perhaps red lips, statement glasses, or a scarf. maybe the color is your brand color to add cohesiveness.


Favorite Outfit

There is a reason why it’s your favorite outfit! Feel free to opt from a shopping trip + wear your favorite outfit. This guide is simply tips- not rules!


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