Places to Shoot in Portsmouth, NH

Finding a location for my online based business clients can be challenging. They want a home environment (that’s not their own house) to use.

I kept finding this coming up so my partner and I took the leap to convert our studio apartment into an actual studio to open up to our clients.

It took repainting our walls white as well as all the hardwood floors white. It look replacing light fixtures, removing cabinets to open up the space, taking off doors, getting some new furniture and accessories, as well as removing other things that just didn’t need to be in the space. It look making sure it was a space we could live in as well as shoot in.

What do you think?! Hop over here to check it out: Studio


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  1. Speaking from experience, Raya, I LOVE your studio. Not only the studio itself, but in the backyard, you and Miles shot some wonderful photos and videos of me for my book publicity. You’re professional, creative, easy to work with, and you captured me — my essence. Please tell anyone to come see if if they’re thinking about a photo shoot at your place. Much love. – Judy

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