“It’s better when we do this thing (life) together.”

I left my job in corporate hospitality at 24-years-old to start this company. This is my genius, joy, and I believe through photography we can help others to understand what it is we are here to do.

“I was hungry for some risk and change and shift and something to see how much potential I have.”

I promise- it will be painless. We go through enough pain in life- this is the fun stuff. Whether you are a start-up, entrepreneur, or have been in business for over a decade we will work together to create really brilliant images.

“I wanted to see my limits or really that I had none.”

I shoot authentic photos of people, lifestyle brands, food, events, and spaces. I have a deep love for my community in Portsmouth, NH.

“I needed more community and connection.”

I believe when we share ourselves more openly we see how close we all are. This is why I founded People of Portsmouth, a photojournalist project sharing people through portraits and stories.

“I needed a way of life that allowed for that.”

Are you ready to take it all to the next level? Let’s do this thing. Let’s go on assignment to something great.