Who is Miles + Raya?!

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Episode 1 | Season 1 Welcome to the Behind the Assignment podcast! We are so glad you are here.

In episode 1 we chat about who we are, how we met / starting dating, and a little bit about leaving our full time jobs to start our companies.

We want this podcast to support young creative entrepreneurs turn their passion into profit. We are here to share everything behind the assignment to get there. From lifestyle choices, mindset, self-development, business strategy, creating a powerful brand, entrepreneurship, working with your partner and so so much more. Let’s go!

Raya is a content creator and owns a brand photography company on the Seacoast of New Hampshire, Raya on Assignment. She has shared her story on multiple stages, given voice to the community on her platform People of Portsmouth, and inspires individuals with her positivity, mindset, and lifestyle choices. She co-hosts a podcast with her partner and videographer Miles all around inspiring other young creative entrepreneurs to take their passion and turn it into profit. Raya believes that living a life that is alined with our soul’s desire through radical personal responsibility is essential to moving into a live worth living. To learn more head over to: rayaonassignment.com

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Miles is a business brand videographer / content creator located in New England. Through his production company, Seacoast Flash, he tells the stories of a brands through capturing the people, products, services and spaces that make it up. He has produced multiple short films, documentaries, vlogs, travel videos and commercial work, which all can be found on his YouTube channel. Miles co-hosts and produces a Podcast with his partner Raya, a brand photographer, all around inspiring other young creative entrepreneurs to take their passion and turn it into profit. Miles believes that every human is a creative and if they don’t think so, then they just haven’t found it. To learn more head over to: seacoastflash.com

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