Let’s do this thing!


I am always seeking new projects and collaborations on the Seacoast and enjoy traveling for projects as well. Please share with me your thoughts and ideas.




  • I have been shooting for over a decade.

  • I love smoothies in the mornings and nachos in the evenings.

  • I have worked in international news outlets.

  • I show as I go to make sure we are getting the images we need.

  • I quit my full time corporate job in hospitality to do this thing for real.

  • I frickin’ love the work I do.

  • I lived on three different continents before the age of 8.

  • I was born on the west coast and now live on the east coast.

  • I don’t ever want to retire.

  • I love making people laugh and proving them wrong when they said I hate photos of myself.

  • Let’s go on assignment together.