How To Prepare For A Photoshoot

Self-care + preparation.

Putting some serious effort in this will pay off- promise! Think about how you’d like your hair, your make-up, nails, wardrobe to be. For hair, make-up, and nails do it yourself or hire someone if it isn’t your zone of genius. For wardrobe spend a day shopping around or hire a stylist.

Also, daily movement and eating well will help you shine and move in the most brilliant way throughout your session. Eat out less and move more!

The more time on the prep the better the photos are.

Also screenshot your fav shots for inspiration during the session. This will help keep the ideas going when you / the photographer may need some!

Take some time to visualize how you’d like to feel during the shoot and see what you can do to make that happen.

Where Should I Have My Photoshoot

The location that you chose for your shoot will say a heck of a lot about you and your brand.

It may help to look for inspiration in people you look up to and see if there are common themes in their location choices. See what resonates with you and see if there is a location around you that will work.

I Hate Having my Photograph Taken

I get it, it’s not everyones favorite.
I could retire if I got $$$ every time someone told me they hate having their photo taken.

I understand it can feel scary, vulnerable, anxiety provoking, etc. AND it just may be the most powerful tool we have to share with others who we are and what we do.

Great photography on our website and social media is undoubtedly what will set us apart from the rest in our industry and allow our greatness to come through.

It allows us to show and share why we do the work we do and what makes us different. It allows us to believe in our dreams and see them literally come to life.

It allows us to take passions and create professions around what it is that lights us up the most.

Outfit Advice for a Brand Photoshoot

Choose Neutral + Monochromatic

Neutrals look good in every setting + keep the focus on you. Dark colors tend to be most flattering. try black, navy blue, dark gray. It helps create a timeless look that is pulled together + will keep your photos evergreen.


Muted + Logoless

Muted colors + solids without logos / words keep the focus on you. When choosing patters go for smaller ones that won’t pull the attention away.


Texture + Pop of color

Texture is great – lace, corduroy, denim, + knits. A blazer or suit coat is a great way to tie a look together. Add a pop of color- perhaps red lips, statement glasses, or a scarf. maybe the color is your brand color to add cohesiveness.


Favorite Outfit

There is a reason why it’s your favorite outfit! Feel free to opt from a shopping trip + wear your favorite outfit. This guide is simply tips- not rules!


Why Brand Photography is Important

Gone are the days that phone photos will do to share about our brand in the best way possible. I am totally down with supplementing through your feed in between professional shots but overall on your social sites and exclusively on your website on brand professional photography is vital.

So what exactly is a brand photographer / brand photography? It is a super fresh take on ‘commercial photography’. It takes authenticity and journalistic storytelling into consideration during the shoot and for the strategy in getting the right imagery.

It’s about sharing all parts of a brand; the people, the spaces, the products, the services, the culture. Everything. It’s about sharing with your audience all about the brand, the behind the scenes parts too. It’s about curating the scenes that would naturally occur so the audience gains trust and converts into clients.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, hiring a brand photographer is a great place to start.