Helping vibrant brands connect with their customers through authentic photography.


Brand Photography + Social Media

We will work together to successfully and effectively share your company’s story and create consistency across your brand. We capture the people, services, products, and culture of your brand.

Creative Entrepreneur Photography

Personal branding is about connecting you to your clients. We will create an evergreen gallery for you to use that expresses what it feels like to work with you. Before we even shoot we will really get down how we are going to tell your story, share your values, what you offer, and what it feels like for someone to hire you!

We will shoot for that perfect balance of professional and personal.


Let’s do this thing!

Hi! I’m Raya.


I shoot authentic photos of people, lifestyle brands, food, events, and spaces. I have a DEEP love for my community in Portsmouth, NH. I create close connections with my clients.

I believe when we share ourselves more openly we see how close we all are. This is why I founded People of Portsmouth, a photojournalist project sharing people through portraits and stories.


I am always seeking new projects and collaborations on the Seacoast and enjoy traveling for projects as well. Please share with me your thoughts and ideas. 


  • I love smoothies in the mornings and nachos in the evenings.

  • I have worked for magazines while visiting the Middle East.

  • I frickin’ love the work I do.

  • I lived on three different continents before the age of 8.

  • I don’t ever want to retire.

  • I love making people laugh and proving them wrong when they say ‘I hate photos of myself’.

Proud Partnerships